PCI Card Bracket

PCI Card Bracket :

PCI Card Bracket AZ

For a simple mounting of the conductors, expansion and adaptor cards on the back side of a PC case, you need a special bracket for PC. It is also called slot bracket or card holders. These PC bracket cards are equipped with cutouts which allow a secure mechanical connection of the I/O connectors and other devices with the PCB.

The brackets for PC are utilized as the slot plates on the back side of a PC case. The brackets for PC are available ex-stock in various standard designs as a PCI, Low Profile card holder or KHPC with or without fixing tab, as a finished design or with cutouts. The Hapco group offers all kinds of custom PC card brackets as per the requirement of the customer. All these brackets for PC can be punched and printed too. We also produce them in different layouts double width.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading suppliers of PCI computer brackets, low profile brackets in Arizona. The specialty of the Hapco group is the versatility of the PCI card bracket and PC parts. Whatever may be your requirement, we make sure that we will make that specific PCI card bracket or PC part available to you instantly. We also offer you several thicknesses and finishes of material, single or double-polished cold rolled steel and so on. We also offer stainless steel brackets and injection-molded plastic parts. You can stamp your part name and number on each bracket. Our humble and skilled staff will assist you to buy the best quality PCI card bracket that suits your need, pocket and more importantly, your style!.