Metal Stampings

Metal Stampings :

Custom Metal Stampings Arizona

Metal stamping is the process which is used to fabricate metal parts in high volumes at a very low manufacturing cost. The term usually comprises a wide variety of sheet-metal forming production processes, either single-stage or multistage in reach. In a single stage metal stamping process, every stroke of a press creates a metal part or any desired shape from a strip of metal or a piece of sheet metal. By contrast, during multiple stage metal stamping operations, a metal component undergoes multiple press strokes and tool and die procedures. This form involves higher complexity.

The Hapco Group is a perfect metal stamping provider in established in 1988 and located in Arizona. Owned and operated by the skilled staff of professionals, we have the ability and experience you need to solve your metal stamping problems. Our cutting edge automated metal stamping techniques and innovative tool designers produce only the highest quality. This accurate die and durable tools provide our customers with precision metal stamping parts for various appliances and machinery including computer, office equipment, electrical goods, furniture, hardware, instrumentation systems, control systems and much more.

We have a steadfast commitment towards perpetual improvement, consistent quality, on-time delivery and industry leading customer service. Apart from that, we are equally committed to our worker's safety. The workers that comprise The Hapco Group are how we can provide our customers with the best metal stamping solutions available. Our team is highly skilled and experienced to carry out metal stamping or EMI shielding for your goods with quality and precision..